Doctors Perform Emergency C-Section – No Baby Inside

When Amber Hughs from Leicester, England, started going into labor much earlier than anyone expected, she and her partner Daniel rushed to the hospital. At only 30 weeks pregnant, everyone was shocked at how premature this birth was going to be. When they got to the hospital, Doctors chose to perform an emergency C-Section but were baffled when they couldn’t find the baby for over 2 minutes. Frantic, medical staffed searched but with absolutely no luck, that was until they began to hear the cries.

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Family Baby Born Parent Doctors Perform C-Section

Image: The Sun

Amber told the Sun, “For two whole minutes they were truly baffled until they heard little cries coming from my lap and pulled up the sheet to find Olly lying in between my legs. I wondered if it was the drugs I was on and I was imagining it, not only was I cut open unnecessarily, but my poor baby was under a sheet alone.”

Unbenounced to anyone, when Doctors were looking for the baby in Amber’s uterus, the baby had already been traveling naturally through the birth canal and was hidden under the sheet between Amber’s legs. After about 2 minutes of searching, everyone began to hear the cries of the baby. The Doctors searched the bed frantic, finally realizing that the baby was under the sheet between her legs.

Baby Born Naturally Doctors Perform C-Section

Image: The Sun

“’It was horrific. I was expecting my bundle of joy to be passed to me, but instead, I watched panic spread over doctors’ faces.” The Doctors explained to Amber that after beginning the C-Section, the baby had started to travel into the birth canal and as they searched for the baby in her womb, he was already being pushed out.

Amber was furious when she realized what happened. When asked about the incident the hospital expressed regret at what happened to Amber, but defended the decision to proceed with the emergency c-section, saying that they felt it was the best option at the time.”

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Image: The Sun

Weighing just 3lbs 6oz, the newborn, Olly,  had to spend 5 weeks in the hospital. Amber now has a large cesarean scar to remind her of the whole ordeal, but still, she is thankful that both she and the baby came out of the situation healthy; which really is what is the most important.

Article: The Sun