Doctors Work A Miracle Through God To Revive A Dying Baby Born During Bombings

Resuscitating baby

Image: YouTube

As the Syrian civil war wages, hundreds of thousands have been left dead. Amidst such anguish, doctors were able to save one new life on a day that 45 were killed.

Britain’s Channel 4 News aired “Children of Aleppo: The baby born in a barrel bomb attack,” that documented the miraculous moment in which doctors revived a lifeless baby.

The boy’s mother, Mayissa, was walking herself to the hospital after going into labor when she was caught in a bombing.

The impact of the explosion broke her right arm and leg. Shrapnel was lodged in her belly, making doctors fear for the unborn baby’s life.

“More powerful for a brief moment than Aleppo’s daily cry of death,” says the video’s narrator, journalist Matt Frei.

After 20 minutes of attempted resuscitation, the baby was awakened. God’s hand was clearly at work here!

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Video: Channel 4 News