The Little Heart She Needed The Most

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After arriving home on January 2nd, to find that her house was on fire there was only one thing on Zoey Chandlers mind. Where her pet Chihuahua named Taffy was, and where to find her. Not knowing whether her dog had gotten stuck inside, or was able to escape the flames Chandler grew increasingly concerned as the time ticked by.

No one happened to get hurt in the fire but eleven people were forced to evacuate their homes. Chandler took to the streets to look for her beloved pet, and just after 10 a.m. she spotted Taffy from a distance; dropping to the ground as Taffy ran into her arms.

“Oh my God, baby. I thought I lost you,” said Chandler to her dog Taffy. “I lost everything, but I got my baby … I’ve been looking for my dog all morning, and I thought she got caught up in the fire, but I didn’t give up. I walked high and low for my dog. Thank you, God, for finding my dog,” said Chandler. “I might not have everything, but I do have my life. So I guess this is a new beginning for me.”

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