Puppy Pursuit

In a LIVE television broadcast, back in September of 2014, a female suspect in a stolen van led the LAPD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, along with CHP officers on a wild chase through the streets of South Los Angeles. During the chase, several PIT maneuvers were employed in an attempt to stop the vehicle but was met with little success. During one point in the pursuit, the uncontrollable van ended up hitting and running over an innocent little puppy named “Gordo” that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily for the pup, several member of the media were on the scene and ditched the chase to see if they could find the injured dog. Miraculously, they did it!

Several people, after seeing the LIVE news report sprang into action wanting to save the little white dog they saw get hit. A hashtag on social media began trending that evening #savethewhitedog. Calls to the animal hospital where the dog was taken began flooding in, and concerned viewers started donating to make sure the surgery could happen. A few days after the surgery, the little white dog named Gordo made an astonishing recovery, as well as a lot of fans and supporters. Here is the news report after Gordo was getting out of surgery for a broken leg, broken hip, and various other cuts and scratches.

This just proves that the kindness of strangers can give a terrible situation a happy ending.

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Video: CBS Los Angeles