Lake Eerie

When a lake in Tapps Washington had to be drained in order to make repairs to a nearby dam, the results revealed an unusually weird world. The waters not only covered up an unearthly looking landscape, but unexpectedly, it held a treasure trove of items that reveal rich history in this small American town.

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Washington Lake Water Reveals Hidden Landscape

Image: Esquire

Judging from the images, trees apparantly grow under the water.

Washington Lake Water Disappears Reveals Landscape

Image: Esquire

An exotic array of tall lanky trees, mixed into patches of  large brutish stumps dot the backdrop.

Washington Lake Disappears Revealing Landscape

Image: Esquire

Small children throughout the decades have swam these waters, where many flip-flops and moccossins have been lost.

Washington Lake Water Disappears Revealing Landscape

Image: Esquire

Many times before men’s hearts have failed them from fear, and boat motors have gone missing upon it’s rolling shores.

Washington Lake Water Disappears Revealing Weird Landscape

Image: Esquire

The 80’s unceasingly beckons us all from beneath the earth, as “All Night Long” plays all- night-long at the bottom of the unusual habitat.

Yes, it certainly got strange when the lake waters receded here in Tapps, but the memories that have been shared with us there will never be forgotten.

Article: Esquire