Scientists Have Discovered Just How Much Of The Water You Drink Is Actually Dino Pee

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The next time you thirst for a fresh glass of water, know that you could be sipping on some dinosaur pee.
According to the popular YouTube channel, Curious Minds, the amount of water on the Earth has remained roughly the same for millions of years. Water has been moving around the planet for millions of years.

According to Charles Fishman’s book, ‘The Big Thirst’, the molecules that make up water are so resilient, they could be millions of years old.

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The curious minds say: ‘Most of the water molecules have never been drunk by another human, but almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur. This means that in every glass of water you drink, there is a lot of water which has already passed through a dinosaur and come out the other end.’

Video: Curious Minds