Dustin Hoffman Becomes Really Emotional After Discovering His Family’s History

Image: CNN

Image: CNN

Academy Award-winning Dustin Hoffman learned some incredible news about his family’s shrouded past. Having never known his family’s history, he decided to make an appearance in a PBS genealogy series “Finding Your Roots”, a show that helps people find out what has throughout their families history.

Dustin Hoffman has been in the public eye since 1960 as an American actor and director. He has made quite the name for himself within the entertainment business.

In “Finding Your Roots”, Huffman learned that his grandfather and great-grandfather died at the hands of Soviet secret police.

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Even more, his great-grandmother nearly ended up the same way. She spent 5 years in a Russian concentration camp before being released back to the United States.

Hoffman’s father tried to hide all of this information from his family, most likely as a way to spare them of the horrific details.

“Who knows,” Hoffman said. “My father could have been crying, grabbing his father’s leg, saying, ‘Daddy, please don’t go.’

“My poor dad,”

Hoffman became really emotional during the show, as would be any of us.

Video: Weta Interactive Media