Dying Paratrooper Struggles To Kiss His Wife One Last Time

paratroopers last kiss

Elmer Melchi was living his last days in his hospital room in complete misery. Life has certainly taken his toll on his body. His life could give at any moment and he is on an oxygen tank at all times.

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Elmer has placed his life on the hands of our Savior, all he wanted to do was to see the love of his life one last time. However, June Melchi, was unable to stay close to her husband because she too, was suffering from illnesses. Before Elmer’s cancer caused his collapse, he would visit his 89-year-old wife with Alzheimers continuously. That all stopped of course when he became too weak to drive himself over to her caretaking facility.

Elmer Melchi was the 82nd Airborne paratrooper who came back from a German POW camp in 1945. The minute he got back to Nottingham, England, he married the love of his life.


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Now, 70 years later, the two are separated only by distance. Elmer’s sons had been trying to get their father moved into the University Park center so he may spend the rest of his days alongside his wife. But since the university park center doesn’t have a contract to allow care for him from the Veteran’s Administration, the answer was simply no.

Even after calling state and federal lawmakers for help, it was made known that Elmer Melchi wouldn’t get to spend the rest of his days with the person he loved most.

“The doctors think my dad should stay right here for whatever time he has left,” one of Elmer’s son’s

It wasn’t until University Park staff’s hearts were moved, that they brought June to her husband.

“I can’t say enough about them. They’ve dropped everything to make this happen.” – Elmer’s son Garry

Image: Chieftain

Image: Chieftain

Although June Melchi doesn’t remember her husband’s name anymore, or much of anything for that matter, the minute she walked into his hospital room she started singing “You Are My Sunshine”. Elmer, of course, joined right in!

Elmer motioned for his son to come close to him so he could whisper something in his ear.

“He wants to give her another kiss,” Steve explained to his brothers. And with his son’s careful help, Elmer Melchi leaned over and kissed his woman.

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