Scientists Find Earth Is Even-More Special

By now, everyone can pretty much agree, that we live in a very special place in the solar system, on a very special and unique planet. Astronomers frequently boast about finding Earth-like planets, hidden deep in other galaxies but only to retract the statements or re-classify the findings later; as more information about them begins to come in. The sensationalism in their headlines leaves really only one fact to remain: That our Earth is incomparable.

Now, an amazing new discovery about the very formation and composition of the Earth has been revealed, and it just adds to the rarity and wonder of its creation.

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Earth Special Planet Collision Moon Theia Creation Glory God

Image: Datafloq

And God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so.

-Genesis 1:9

The new discovery by NASA adds  a bit more back story to the formation of the early earth. The “NASA-funded team of researchers has now discovered that our dear little planet actually absorbed a portion of another planet named Theia. We have known for some time now that the moon was made through a collision that happened between the Earth and Theia, but for the first time, researchers are finding that the Earth itself absorbed more of the planet than first thought. The study suggests that the Earth is made up of the two fused planets.

Edward Young, a lead professor at UCLA, said in a statement, “Theia was thoroughly mixed into both the Earth and the moon, and evenly dispersed between them. We don’t see any difference between the Earth’s and the moon’s oxygen isotopes; they’re indistinguishable.”

Earth Collision Moon Planet Theia Special Life Gory God

Image: Wikipedia

The collision suggests that the planet Theia became both the large part of the Earth and the Moon. This study has provided just one more clue as to what makes the Earth so special – and being alone (as far as we know) in exclusivity to many things like the flourishing of life, it’s natural and active processes, it’s unique protective atmospheric components, it’s living qualities, it’s abundance of water, it’s position within the solar system among everything else. We really do live on a privileged planet.

Article: Huffington Post