Presumed Dead After Devastating Earthquake In Ecuador, Woman Receives Mysterious Call

On Saturday, when a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador, it claimed the lives of over 270 people and injured another 2,527. Among the destruction caused by the earthquake, Hotel El Gato, located on the Pacific coast of Equador in Portoviejo, was one of the many buildings reduced to rubble- almost completely flattened. One man named Pablo Cordova, who worked as a hotel administrator at the El Gato was presumed by many to be one of the many victims. Even Cordova’s own wife believed he couldn’t have survived and began making the necessary arrangements for his funeral. But 3 days later something strange happened, she received a call from someone with a hauntingly familiar voice.

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Man Survives 3 Days Earthquake Rubble Miraculously Survives Trapped Equador Hotel

Image: Ronald Cordova

When her phone began to ring, the last thing she was ever expecting was for it to be her husband on the line. But by nothing short of a miracle, and still trapped underneath tons of bricks and metal, and wood for over 3 days, he had survived.

Able to stay hydrated by drinking his own urine, and saving his cell phone battery for when cell service came back on in the area – his prayers was that he would be able to reach his wife. Shortly after the call, rescue workers were on the scene pulling Pablo from the fallen debris.

“They were organizing the funeral, but I’ve been reborn,” Cordova exclaims. “I will have to give that coffin back because I still have a long way to go before I die.” 

The two are grateful that they can once again be back in each others arms.

Article: JReview