Woman Sits In An Empty Booth During Lunch – Her Late Husband Is There With Her Too!

Sometimes it’s the small things that speak most eloquently about the strength and depth of a lifetime of love.

Reddit user, b_deam, posted a picture up on Reddit that his girlfriend had taken. His girlfriend, a waitress, snapped a deep emotional picture of one of her customers while she was working.

In the picture, an elderly woman sits in a seemingly empty booth during lunch time. On the table rests a picture of her late husband, whom she’s ‘having lunch with’.

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He writes, “This woman’s husband passed away, but she still manages to have lunch with him every day.”

Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur

It is such a moving photo that it had many Reddit users tearing up and reflecting on this fact of life.

“What she lived through must have been AMAZING. Be happy for the joy she got to experience, not the loss she currently carries. I am not sad for her, I am so happy for the incredibly brilliant joy and happiness that she must have spent her life in, to act in this manner. I am willing to bet my arm that her husband still lives inside her, I am sure she constantly talks to him inside her head, and he replies and comforts her for her grief, which is a good thing.”

“Wow. what an awesome life they must have had together. This is when you know your life has mattered; when even after you’re gone you’re still here.”

The picture was so powerful that some Reddit users couldn’t help but share their own experiences:

When I was in high school I worked at a grocery store during the summers. We had one regular who would always come in with a framed picture of her husband who had been gone about ten years and just talk to him about her day while she shopped. At the time it was odd but now that I am married I can see myself doing that.”

My Dad passed a few years ago and for the longest time my mum would put his photo on the bed next to her, she just couldn’t stand the last thing she would look at before closing her eyes not being my father.”

“After my Grandad died, my Grandma kept an 8×10 under his placemat at the table next to where she sat for a while. I framed it and put it at the end of the table so she didn’t feel like she had to hide it.”

Article: Reddit via b_deam