Username passwords

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“Big data breaches found at major email services” – expert

This Just In! There has been a MASSIVE security breach that has exposed the details of accounts for “hundreds of millions” people that are subscribed to these popular email services and sites. Chief information Security Officer, Alex Holden, of Hold Security, tells Reuters that here has been “at least 272.3 million usernames and passwords stolen from users of Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google’s Gmail and”

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Here is what we know so far:

%15 of data is known to come from Yahoo Mail
%12 of data is from Hotmail
%9 of data is from Gmail

The scary thing is that among the stolen information are both usernames and passwords for banking and retail sites.

Please be advised, and share this information with anyone you know that might use these websites. Let them know they need to change their passwords immediately.

Article: Reuters