The Stats Are Staggering

There are wars and rumors of wars. The general morality of our most advanced nations seem’s to be slipping into the abyss. Parents are uneasy about sending their children to school from fears that they may fall victim to gun violence.

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Evangelicals Believe End Near

The statistics certainly seem to present a consensus and a recent study into the beliefs of Evangelical Christians doesn’t seem to put people’s fears to rest. A new poll finds that 79% of Evangelicals believe we are living in the last days. This number is significant because it is the highest rate of agreement within the denomination since statisticians began polling on the subject. The recent poll which was conducted by the Brookings Institute for Middle East Policy found that at least 63% of Evangelicals also believe that these signs are essential for a “Rapture” type of event.

For non-evangelicals, the numbers seem to be lower, and for the average American the stats may even feel grim. Overall, the survey found that evangelicals tended to express a more pro-Israeli stance than non-evangelical Christians, with many relating the current, ongoing conflict to their religious beliefs.

Regarding the end of times and the return of Christ, 72% of Christians, and 81% of Evangelicals believed it would happen. What they all seemed to be unsure about was whether it would happen “tomorrow or in a thousand years.”

What do you think? Are global events like terrorist attacks and school shootings a sign of the times?

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