Zion Harvey Is Only 8 Years Old, And Yet He’s Made History.

At the age of 2, Zion had his hands and feet removed due to a severe infection (it also stemmed a required kidney transplant that was successful thanks to his mother as a donor). He has been able to walk and run properly with his leg prosthetics, but his biggest wish was to be able to use his hands properly as well. Rather than prosthetic hands, however, doctors wanted to perform surgery that gave Zion real, working hands.

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Zion’s intelligence, ambition and enthusiasm has also touched the hearts of many.

“When I get these hands,” Zion exclaimed, “I will be proud of what hands I get!”

The operation, which took place at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, lasted approximately 11 hours and required a team of 40 doctors.

The transplant was a success.

The young boy now takes lifelong medication to prevent his body from rejecting the transplant. He will spend a few months at the hospital to help remediate him and restore proper bodily functions.

“I hope that he’s the first of literally hundreds, or even thousands of patients that are going to be afforded this operation.” says Dr. Scott Levin of CHOP.

Source: USA Today