Sout Carolina Family Says A Guardian Angel Protected Their Loved One In A Horrific Accident

A South Carolina claims that a guardian angel protected their loved one after a horrific accident took place, and they have the photo evidence to prove it!

In a Facebook post, Pastor Michael Clary said he saw the man’s SUV start rolling over and launching into the air and slamming itself into a tree. He says he saw something come out of the passenger side window:

“When I got to where it was I was shocked to see a young man on ground curled in a ball. The whole time this was happening I was in prayer mode asking God to protect this person.”

This suv passed me on hwy. 252 on my way back home from Cvs in HP when it came around me it went to far left running off…

Posted by Michael Clary on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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Video: Fox News Insider