What Will Happen To The Baby Of The San Bernandino Shooters?



As you may already know, on the morning of December 2nd,  Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik went on their killing spree at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernandino California. They gunned down 14 people and injured 21 others before being killed in a police shoot out.

They reportedly left their 6-month-old baby girl with Farook’s mother, saying they had a doctor’s appointment.  Details of the infant’s mother have been revealed to the public, like she was allegedly pledged to ISIS. Their infant daughter was born in May, but we are still wondering: What will happen to the orphaned baby?

So far, no family members could be reached for comment. However, Robert Farzad of Farzad Family Law in Santa Ana, CA., says that the answer will depend on whether the parents had assigned names of gaurdians in the event of their death.

“If there is a proper designation, that person may be appointed as the child’s guardian, subject to court approval. If there is no such designation, then typically someone — usually a grandparent or other relative — will ask the court to be appointed as a guardian ad litem.” – Farzad tells Yahoo Parenting.

Family therapist Paul Hokemeyer told Yahoo Parenting: “critically important that she be surrounded by people who can … give her safety and security. This is an incredibly traumatizing event that will profoundly impact this little girl’s emotional and physical development,”

He continues to say that at 6 months of age, a baby wouldn’t have the mental capacity to understand an event like this, but can still be impacted in a deep way:
“She will be operating purely from an emotional intuitive standpoint. On an unconscious level, she’s going to have to heal the damage caused to her central nervous system from this traumatic event. This will take time but can definitely occur with steady support.”

He adds that it is important that the little girl grows up with the ability to turn these dark times in her life into a positive-driven mindset:

“With the proper clinical interventions and family and community support, she can become the person who fights against the world’s evils rather than surrendering to them.”

Yahoo Parenting