This Skin-To-Skin Contact Photo Is Going Viral Because Of Who Is Helping Him!

A photo of a father and his children is going viral for the most precious reason! We can see in the photo that the oldest son is embracing his new sibling with the utmost delicacy, laying next to his father.

It is popular in Sweden to make skin-to-skin contact after birth. It is believed that premature babies who come in weighing 1.6 pounds or lighter are better off with the heat of their fathers than an incubator. In this case, big brothers’!

Skin to skin father and sons`

Image: NINO Birth

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A Swedish Professor Uwe Ewald, came to Hvidovre hospital (Denmark) to talk about his revolutionary practice, where even very small premature babies are taken out of the incubator to be skin to skin with their parents as much as possible. Premature babies, born three months prematurely, are put on the parent’s chest instead of alone in an incubator.

Uwe Ewald points out that the parent’s chest regulates the temperature better than an incubator. Skin to skin contact helps the baby to breathe better. The child becomes calm and gains weight faster. Research shows that parents bacterial flora – compared with hospital bacteria – reduces the risk of serious infections in these delicate children.

Indeed, there is nothing better than a parent’s warmth, God is good!

Article: NINO Birth