Father Is A Janitor, Mother Is A Nurse, Son Earns Perfect Score On AP Calculus Exam

A 17-year-old from Lincoln Heights is getting used to all the new attention after becoming one of only twelve students in the world to make a perfect score on his Advanced Placement Calculus Exams. According to the news release by Los Angeles County School District, Cedrick Argueta, is  one of 30,532 students to take the  multiple choice exam, which tests the fundamentals of Calculus. “Cedrick whose mother works as a nurse, and father works in maintenance at a convalescent home said they spent hours studying for the test.”

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Calculus apparently isn’t the only subject Cedrick excels in, as the district explained, “the student also earned perfect scores on the English and Math sections of his ACT College entrance exams.” Hard work can pay off, Cedrick’s mother says they spent hours after school studying for the tests. “Its amazing I’m so proud of him,” she told KTLA 5 News.

Cedrick has big plans for himself, with goals of someday working for NASA at their Jet propulsion laboratory, he hopes to study at Caltech University. With a work ethic and test scores like his, those dreams may be closer to earth than he may have imagined.

Article: KTLA 5 News

Video: DevolaChanell