He Wanted A ‘Free And Happy Life’

In Germany, a Judge this week sentenced father-to-be, 20-year-old, Eren Toben, to 14-years in prison for both stabbing and setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire. Judge Regina Alex said, “For him the crime was a solution, he wanted a free, happy life which he had control over.”

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Father-To-Be Set Pregnant Girlfriend On Fire Because Wanted Free Happy Life

Image: The Mirror

Apparently, Toben was fearful of becoming a father, which led to him committing the heinous crime. After first luring his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend, Maria Peiner, into the woods, he hit her with a piece of wood, stabbed her with a bread knife and with the help of his friend Daniel Mueller, poured gasoline on her while she was still alive and set Peiner on fire.

Man Kills Pregnant Wife Setting Fire Wanted Free Happy Life

Image: The Mirror

The Mirror reports, Toben “abused Maria’s love for him” and was able to “lure her into his ambush by telling her that they were going shopping for baby clothes.” Peiner burned body was found by someone walking by the scene the next day. A knife left next to the body clearly had Toben’s bloody fingerprints which police were able to identify.

After the sentencing, Maria’s brother told reporters, “I hope our family can finally have some peace.”
Article: FoxNews