Father Doesn’t Let A Carjacker Get Away With His Son

Malcom Milliones was about to fill up his car at a Murphy USA gast station in South Fulton County, Ga, when he witnessed a carjacker climb into his seemingly vacant SUV and make off with it. The criminal unknowingly carjacked the SUV with Millione’s son still in the back seat, that is when this father put his own life in danger in order to save his son’s.

A young boy in his early teens jumped out of a black Toyota and into the SUV and drove off with his son Rashaan in the back seat.

“Malcolm was kind of hanging onto the driver’s side of the car,” “He’s like hitting at the car, he’s going like, ‘Stop the car, get out of the car, my son’s in the car,’ and the guy just kept going.”– his fiancee Kristie Lovelace said.

As Milliones tried to stop the SUV, the carjacker panicked. This distraction was just enough time for Rashaan to jump out of the moving vehicle.

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Source: USA Today