He Found A Way To Sooth His Pain And Bring Joy To His Son

Chris Picco sings and plays a beautiful song called Blackbird for his son Lennon James Picco. Lennon had to be delivered by an emergency C-section. Chris’s wife, Ashley, tragically died in her sleep after the birth.

Lennon had a lack of movement and brain activity, the doctors were monitoring him at all times during the day and night at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. During their pregnancy, Chris would often make the baby squirm with excitement inside Ashley’s womb, as he would sing to both of them.

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Chris asked the staff for the opportunity bring his guitar in the NICU and play his baby’s favorite song. One day after this filming, Lennon passed away in his father’s arms.

God’s healing words continue. His symphony continues to enrich their lives and has guided them to the Heavenly Kingdom. One day, the Picco family will be reunited for an eternity.

Video: K.C. Hohensee