Robbers Tried To Steal From A Business And Hurt People, But She Wasn’t Havin’ It!

When robbers entered her parents’ electronics shop in Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand, Sarah Patel wasted no time in figuring something out.

The quick-witted little girl didn’t run and hide. Instead, she charged in to help store employee, Jordan Byrt, as he tried to defend himself from axe-wielding man.

“She said was trying to save Jordan. This isn’t the training I’d give to her obviously, because it’s definitely risky. But she definitely did the brave thing,” Sarah’s father, Suhail, told One News.

little girl defends against axe murderers

Image: Yahoo

Fearless Sarah tried to grab on to the leg of the man during the incident. She was then taken away by her grandfather.

Can we give this brave girl a medal!?

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Video: New York Post