Just When She Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse… They Didn’t!

As you might have already heard, Louisiana is going through a tough rebuilding process due to the massive flood that hit the state this past month.

Louisiana resident Courtney Burkett Berdon posted a Facebook picture that shows just how special prayer is. It’s a picture of her mother, Donna Burkett, and the amazing FedEx worker, Jonathan C. Nichols.

Donna was forced to evacuate her home, and when it seemed like her life was over, Fed Ex driver Johnathon came along to shine some light in her life.

Fed Ex Driver Kindness

Image: Courtney Burkett Berdon

“This🙏🏼🙏🏼 The Fed Ex man was making a delivery at my home. He saw my mom was hurting. He stopped and asked if he could pray for her. And there they stood… Together praying…
In the midst of tragedy and devastation , this is when we as humans do our very best. We come together and selflessly help each other one by one! This man will Never know the impact he had on my mother but I know it has impacted her for a lifetime😇😇😇”

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Article: Courtney Burkett Berdon