bethanyIf Your Passengers Like To Put Their Feet On The Dash Let Them Know This Story

Bethany Benson never knew that just one mistake would leave her in pain forever. The 22-year-old was riding passenger in her boyfriend’s car when disaster struck.
While Bethany was just enjoying the sunshine and relaxing, they crashed into a semi in front of them. Somehow, a motorcyclist and a car collided ahead and created a pile-up. It was a miracle that they both survived the accident. Her boyfriend received 100 stitches but Bethany experienced something worse.
With the passenger side airbag deploying at 320 mph, Bethany’s legs were hit behind her hamstrings. This had enough force to launch her knees into her eyes, breaking her eye socket, cheek bone, and nose. Her jaw was also dislocated and she ended up losing her spleen. Please watch the video below.

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Video: channel12DOTca