Going Out On A Limb

Firefighters are trained to be fearless, to run toward rather than away from the site of danger. They are quick to bravery, and honor, and are forced to face some of life’s most desperate situations.

For the Mount Roskill Fire Brigade, however, that fight response was kicked into high gear when a call came in from a concerned citizen. It wasn’t until they had realized what the call was before their hearts began to beat back to normal.

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FireFighters Rescue Pigeon Stuck Tree

The  bird had become trapped in a tree with one leg tangled tightly in twine. Firefighters mentioned, “It could hardly move, it was so exhausted you’d think it was dead.” Unable to fly away on its own Firefighters went to work. Once they got it down, it lay on the ground not moving for a while before once again showing signs of life. “In Mount Roskill, we are used to big fires, injuries, and car accidents, but this was the first bird in distress we were able to save. It was a nice change from the usual.”

Article: Stuff.co