God Has Gifted Us With His Word – The Bible

It is up to us to draw every bit of knowledge that we can from it. Did you know that you can strengthen your marriage by observing the examples from marriage within biblical times? God’s principles are scattered within the pages of the Bible, here are just a few that teach us those principles.

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1. Abraham and Sarah

Abraham, a great Bible hero, is a fine example that shows that even the most righteous people can fall. On two occasions, he passed his wife Sarah as his sister and allowed her to courted by powerful men in order to save his own life.Note that back then those days were different and women had very few rights.

Beginning to believe that God would not give him a son by Sarah, he proceeded to procreate with Sarah’s slave girl Hagar (Genesis 12:10-20 and 20:1-18).His selfishness is something that shouldn’t be applauded for.

No one in this world will ever reach perfection without God’s help. Don’t expect your marriage to be a paradise, not until you’ve humbly accepted God into your lives.

2. Elkanah and Hannah

Elkanah was married to 2 women: Hannah and Penninah. This was an old custom that was culturally accepted if the man could afford to support them. Their dilemma was that Penninah was able to grant Elkanah children, but Hannah could not.(1 Samuel 1:2). Hannah’s infertility was indeed a heavy burden during biblical times. It was thought that infertility was a sign that you didn’t have God’s favor.

Hannah reached out to God, and in the end she became pregnant with Israel’s most amazing leader Samuel. It is worth to be noted that Elkanah did not favor Penninah more than Hannah. He did his best to comfort the love of his life.

3. Nabal and Abigail

1 Samuel 25:3 describes Nabal as “surly and mean in all his dealings”. Upon King David’s request, he refuses to provide provisions for his men and continues to insult him. The feud escalates and David becomes so enraged that he sends an order to kill every male in Nabal’s family. This is when Nabal’s wife Abigail loads the family donkeys with an abundant amount of food and brings them to David in hopes of avoiding bloodshed. Upon learning what Abigail had done, Nabal suffers a stroke and dies. David then takes Abigail as his own wife, seeing her devout love to her husband and family. Abigail had humility- something that her husband lacked. In every marriage, both must take the initiative to make things work together.

4. Ahab and Jezebel

One can serve as a double edged sword in a marriage. You can either help your partner blossom into a terrific person, or you will bring them down with you into a downward spiral. Take Ahab and Jezebel for example. When they took an interest in the vineyards belonging to Naboth, Naboth refused to sell his property. This disappointed Ahab, but Jezebel was determined to acquire the land by means of force. She plotted to murder and take his land anyway.

5. Hosea and Gomer

One of the worst fears within a marriage is that of infidelity. After such thing is committed, the survival of the marriage is very unlikely. In the example of the prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer, infidelity took control of their lives. God had a plan for both of them however, he was to make a parallel example of the relationship between Hosea and Gomer, and Himself and the nation of Israel. God told the prophet to continue to be faithful and loyal to Gomer, even as she slept around with many men. (Hosea 1:2). It was a parallel example to how God stayed faithful to Israel, even though they were not loyal to him.

Article: Christianity Today