A Man Had Collapsed At His Optometrist Leaving Office Calling 911 With No Answer

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Pizza. It’s a delectable flatbread with melty cheeses and sauce, loaded with everyone’s favorite meat and veggie toppings. It can be a savory and special treat, especially during a long day for a group of hungry workers. This time, pizza, was at the center of the controversy for one emergency worker as their love for the tasty snack might have made the difference between life and death for someone who was desperate for help.

In Broward CO. Florida, when an emergency call to medical dispatchers returned unanswered, the caller knew there was a problem. An employee at a Broward County optometrist’s office dialed 911 for a patient who was on the ground suffering from a seizure. Frantically trying to get through on the emergency line, every call kept turned up a busy signal. Perplexed at the situation, and never officially able to get through the caller finally gave up. Never even receiving a return call from the emergency service.

Investigators who were alerted to the situation, determined that the reason for the issue, was pizza. The call went unanswered because the dispatcher had been on the emergency line ordering lunch. It was found that the dispatcher had placed an over 7-minute order causing a constant busy signal.

When confronted about the problem, “The dispatcher admitted to placing the pizza order and received a reprimand” by higher-ups in the department.”Fortunately, the man having the seizure had passed out, but was able to regain consciousness and turned out to be OK,” ABC 11 News Reports.

Thanks to God the man is ok. Thank you, Lord, for watching over him with your awe amazing grace. May patience and self-control be passed on to the dispatcher.

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Article: ABC 11
Video: ABC News