This prayer is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Remember to be still, wait on God.

Father, I do not see a way out of
the burden I feel, but I put all
my faith and trust in You for a
path to open up, that new
opportunities and new
relationships will grace my life.

Give me strength, to overcome these
negative feelings and to get
all the task that I have to do,
completed efficiently, effectively,
and on time! Calm my mind, give me
peace, as I recollect all the tasks
I need to complete. And, help me not
to forget to praise You in the midst
of this chaos.

Give me patience to be still and
remember that you are GOD and You
will make all things work together
for my good. Everything that happens
to me happens for a reason – to make
me stronger.

I pray to you in the name of your son,
Jesus Christ.