Your Complete Guide To Removing The Toughest Of Stains!


Stains have been slowly but surely taking over your closet. They have been the sworn enemies of fashion ever since the first fashionable clothes were made.

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First Know These 3 Important Steps

1. Be gentle with it. It is okay to be completely outraged at the ugly stain on your brand new white blouse, but you must learn to control your anger! Don’t ever apply direct pressure on the stain, as it will only allow it to set into the fibers more permanently. Use the method of dabbing. Dab onto the stain gently with a wet cloth.

2. Work from the inside out and outside in, contain the enemy! You must always add stain-removing solvent of choice to the inside of the stain. Place the other half of the stained fabric on top of a pad or towel. You will then be able to dab the stain from the outside in to keep it contained.

3. Reading is fundamental. Not every solvent is right for every type of fabric. How will you know if you have the right solvent for your material? By reading add by, of course, the tag of course!

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