Garbage Man Returns $12,000 In Checks Back To The School

Image: KomoNews

Image: KomoNews

Micah Speir, from the King County Waste Management Company in Seattle, is being hailed as a new local hero after he returned a big bag of about $12,000 in checks to a local elementary school. The garbage man found a bank bag embedded within other scattered trash on October 26th. The checks were from a recent fundraiser that was held at the Lawton Elementary School by the Parent Teacher Association. The checks were mistakenly misplaced and were thrown out with other discarded paperwork.

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The only thing that crossed my mind was who did it belong to and how to get it back to them, it doesn’t really take much effort to do the right thing. It was no sweat off my back.”- Speir

Speir also refused any money in return for his kindness. He says he was just helping out his community. What an absolute kind heart!

Article/Video: KomoNews