Disgruntled Employee

At a Valero gas station in Lancaster, California, an altercation took place between a female employee and a customer that had witnesses scratching their heads. One witness a woman named Monet Dansereau, who recorded the event, said, once the gas station worker believed a customer had been taking too long at the pump, he came out brandishing a hard plastic pipe and began swinging. The employee started by bashing in the back of the black Toyota Tacoma and finishing up busting out taillights

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The gas station manager told KTLA News, “the man was parked there for well over an hour.” But witnesses, say the customer was there for more like 3 hours. He was cleaning his car, getting gas, and sending text messages for quite some time before the attendant came out yelling.

The worker then appeared yelling, “Go right now, I told you to go. I told you two times.” The argument escalates between the two with the driver of the car saying “I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m here to buy some freaking gas.” He continues, refusing to leave and call the police on the employee for harassment. That seemed to have offended the worker as she begins swinging hitting the truck at least 6 times.

The gas station attendant was charged with felony vandalism and released on $20,000 bail.

Article/ Video: KTLA 5