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Post Below Shows A Woman’s Human Anatomy

When women become pregnant, their bodies begin going through many different changes. The body almost instantly begins making adjustments in order to be able to support, nourish, and grow a second life inside itself. Changes in hormone levels, oxygen, and blood pressure are among some of the first fluctuations to begin to accommodate the newly conceived life.

The gift of life is truly a miracle. The changes the human body undergoes is beyond marvelous!

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As this .gif shows, quite a lot begins to change early on during a normal pregnancy.

Body Morphology During Pregancy

Image: Imgur/ EmilySarah46

When the uterus begins to enlarge, the surrounding organs slowly become displaced making room for the growing fetus. Muscles and joints begin to loosen, bones begin to shift, and sometimes can even crack due to the pressure.

During the babies 9-month gestation period, a whole lot is going on, on the inside of the body of a pregnant woman. For an even more in-depth look check out this infographic from Healthline.

How a woman’s body changes when she’s pregnant

Article: Healthline