Why An 11-Year-Old Girl Is “Allergic” To Sunglight

Since 4 years of age,  Savannah Fulkerson became unable to spend any length of time outdoors. This is because of the her rare condition Erythropoietic Protoporphyria or EPP.

“The genetic condition affects a component of blood cells that can lead to toxic compounds called protoporphyrin being released. These compounds can make the patient extremely sensitive to sunlight. “– Dr. Minnelly Luu

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It’s not a true allergy because the immune system is involved in the extreme reaction to sunlight.“We’d be outside about 20 minutes or so … she’d say, ‘I burn!’” recalled Savannah’s mother Andrea Fulkerson. Fulkerson remembers Savannah in so much pain she had “uncontrollable screaming like she got hit by a car.”Savannah Fulkerson has a rare genetic condition that causes her skin to burn when exposed to the sun. Some would say she is allergic to sun or allergic to sunlight.