Going Strong

When Alex Simpson was a baby she used to cry for more than 20 hours a day. Doctors couldn’t seem to figure out the reason until finally offering the family a diagnosis 2 months later.

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Originally her parents, Shawn and Lorena Simpson thought it may have been digestion issues, so they started trying different formulas and things. But the problem Alex was having was a lot worse than any of her family or medical staff could even imagine. Alex was born with a medical condition called hydranencephaly, which means that she was born missing large vital portions of her brain.

According to Alex’s Mother Lorena, “Up to 90% of babies that have this condition abort themselves in the womb, while the rest usually die within 6 months of birth. I spent those six months, every day and night thinking to myself that this might be the day.”

After the 6 month mark some of their worries began to wither, at least they knew there was hope and that their little girl had a shot. They discovered, though she was missing parts of her brain, that Alex still had a bit of her cerebellum. The cerebellum is what functions to keep people aware of their surroundings. (Continued Below)

Baby Born Partial Brain Lives 10 Years Old

Image: KETV

Her Father, Shawn reassures, “You saw her smiling, she knows her Mom and Dad and her little brother. She knows when good things are going on around her. She knows when bad things are going on; she will cry or have a sad face.”

Despite her condition, Alex is a relatively healthy girl. Doctors are still unsure what might have caused the condition but they believe she may have suffered a stroke in the womb that cut off the flow of blood to the brain. Still, everyone remains amazed at her health.

The family says they feel blessed for getting the time they’ve had with her.

Baby Born Brain Lives 10 Years

Image: KETV

“I would not take Alex any other way,” Her Father says, “We have learned to love her the way she is. She has blessed our family so much.”

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