baby-girl-bornTessa Evans was born without a nose. Her mother and father panicked and didn’t know what to do. They were grateful that their daughter was born happy and healthy but knew that the world would be cruel to her for being different.

“I felt so lonely and helpless, I was supposed to protect my baby and be able to help but I couldn’t. There were tubes coming out of her tiny little body everywhere. She spent her first five weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit which were undoubtedly the worst weeks of my life,” her mother, Grainne Evans said of her of baby girl

When abnormalities appeared during scans, Tessa was told to have an abortion. She immediately declined and knew that God have given her Tessa for a reason.

Grainne wants everyone to know that despite a few obstacles (and what family doesn’t have those?), Tessa is your typical 2-year-old girl.

“Tessa is like any other little girl, she loves playing with her brother and sister, she’s always smiling and has never let her condition stop her from doing anything,” she said.

girl born without nose

It was an incredibly difficult decision for all of us, we love Tessa so much and thought she was completely beautiful the way she was. We ultimately decided to go ahead as it was a chance to gradually change her appearance over the years and to normalize her profile without ever cutting her face,” says her mother, Grainne Evans

“With Tessa being the first patient to have this done we had to put a lot of trust in her surgical team that we were making the right decision for Tessa’s future. But thanks to Tessa paving the way, another little girl in the UK will have the same procedure in the coming months.”