Super Glue

When Madison Fairchild was only 3-years-old, she had a bruise that just would not go away. The dark mass left her at times unable to walk and constantly in pain. Her mother, Kristen Fairchild, took her several doctors to try and find a solution for her, but the only help they could ever seem to provide was general pain management. The Fairchild’s were dishearted, and their daughter was left suffering, crippled in pain, which made it nearly impossible to walk without discomfort. One day, doctors presented a possible new procedure to the family that potentially could help her walk again, however unconventional. The treatment? Superglue.

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Image: Yahoo News

The Fairchild’s were frequent visitors to doctors offices because of her strange bruise. Testing, X-rays, and MRI’s were finally able to diagnose Madison, finding that it was caused by an abnormally large tangle of veins in her leg. The condition was called Venous Malformation, and the only thing they could do was to try and manage the pain with pain medication and therapy.

This went on for several years, “it would work few weeks and she would go back to limping and complaining about the pain,” Fairchild said. After years of simple pain management, doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital told them about a radical new treatment that had the potential to be able to help her walk again pain-free, but the procedure was unorthodox.

“Dr. Jonathan Perkins, a pediatric otolaryngology physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, explains “the new experimental treatment in which medical-grade superglue is injected into the veins so that they can be removed surgically. It allows us to remove affected tissue by sparing normal tissue around it,”


Firstly, Doctors must carefully map out the patient’s veins to ensure the glue does not enter the bloodstream or vital organs.

Madison had to undergo two procedures to remove the large malformations in her leg. After the procedure, Madisons improvement was almost miraculous. Immediately she started feeling better, and for the first time in her young life, was able to walk without pain.

“Four days later, she’s walking,” Fairchild said. “[She’s] a totally different child. Her outlook is more positive.” Her mother says she still needs a little bit of rehab to help with strengthening the muscles in her legs but it is like night and day.

“She’s not afraid to run,” Fairchild said. “She’s able to run with her friends now at recess.”

Article: Yahoo