With All The Filth In The World Today, Is It Possible To Give Your Kids A Moral Standard?

Our children face many moral dilemmas in society today. Some, that quite frankly, were never seen in our generation. Should I always tell the truth? Should I watch this film, even though it’s rated for mature audiences only, and I’m underage? Should I turn in this wallet that I found in the school cafeteria?

So, what can we do as parents, in order to influence and steer our children in the right and proper path?  Well, being a moral example to them by living a  life that is one of integrity and conviction, is of utmost importance and there are steps that you can take to guide them.

Have you ever experienced vertigo? It truly is one of the most horrendous things a human can endure, especially when wholly bedridden, and still feeling that you’re about to fall, having the sensation of violent motion. Fighter pilots sometimes experience this phenomenon, not knowing what’s up from down, as well as not being able to recognize the rate of speed or altitude. If they solely relied on their perceptions they could easily find themselves in a very frightening predicament. Thankfully, they have instruments that will allow them to safely maneuver the aircraft to safety.

In utilizing this example, it offers our youth two key elements of truth and morality.
1. When confusion sets in, about decisions to be made, guidelines do exist, that will help in recognizing up from down and right from wrong.
2. Moral standards come from a higher authority—one that is beyond what society considers the “norm”.

So, where does this moral standard come from? It is found in the Creator of the Universe, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ—the one true God. He will guide us through life, on the path that he has in store for us, if we would only embrace His will for our life. God’s Word IS the “instrument panel” that will provide us with the answers that we need, to life’s journey.

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What is a Christian? A Christian is someone that is Christ-like; so being that example to our children is of great importance. Always striving to live the life that God would have us to live, is key to daily decisions, great or small. Always, being slow to anger; loving our neighbor; forgiving those that have done us harm; being kind and gentle; but above all keeping God as our foundation so that all things can fall into place.

Manuals are extremely important, in order to be able to use a newly purchased item to its full potential. You certainly wouldn’t use your camera’s manual in order to set up your laser printer. You’d go straight to the source of what you’re trying to use. God’s Word, the Bible, gives us instructions on how to live a Godly life, daily, despite life’s circumstances. So, encourage your children to study His Word in order to make wise decisions, when they are faced with choices.

Children nowadays are very aware of the need of a power supply to recharge their phone or laptop. They need batteries for their game controller and lights to illuminate their rooms.

Our power source IS the the Holy Ghost, which dwells in us. It greatly empowers us to recognize right from wrong, pricking our hearts when negative things are trying to influence us and convicts us when we make the wrong decisions; so teaching our children to wholly trust in God, will enable them to be the light in the darkness. Be sure to make daily prayer time with your children in order to “connect” to God’s power source.

Of course, some decisions are easier to make than others; but sometimes the influence of friends can steer a child’s decision, one way or another. If it’s in the positive direction, of course, then it’s a good thing, but what if it’s not? Decisions today, leave us with consequences tomorrow. Sometimes those consequences are so tragic, that families’ lives are forever changed. So, teaching one’s children to live a moral life, is of grave priority. So be mindful of the friends that your children keep or acquaintances that they are around.

Encourage them to have friends of like mind—someone that regularly attends church or is involved in a ministry or charitable organizations. Perhaps you can share in some volunteer work, that will greatly influence their want to give of themselves to others selflessly and with great love!

If friends can influence our children, do you suppose that the media can as well? Most kids will tell you that they are “immune” to outside influences from various mediums. Yet, research shows otherwise. Considering that businesses spend billions of dollars annually on advertising, that in itself will tell you that it does in fact, influence our decision making.

So, being aware of our children’s media choices is very important in trying to maintain a balance, since most of the time, it inaccurately depicts consequences that are the results of erroneous choices.

“It’s no easy task to raise moral kids. But God offers a plan: to help our kids follow the role model of God’s son, be empowered by the Holy Spirit through prayer, study Scripture and apply it to our lives, surround ourselves with other believers and steer clear of harmful media. By utilizing these tools, we help our kids develop the ability to make wise, moral choices in an immoral society,” said Sean McDowell, an author of biblical books.

Article Inspired by Focus on The Family