This Man Is Absolutely Sure That God Sent A Group Of Dolphins To Save His Life!

Image: BigWaveTV

Image: BigWaveTV

It was a regular day out in the beach for Todd Endris. He was out surfing for about 40 minutes when something came up from under the deep that almost took his life in a matter of seconds.

A Great White shark shut his jaws around Endris’ legs, causing massive amounts of bloodshed. Had it not been for some God-sent dolphins, Endris’ life wouldn’t have been spared. Todd swears that there was an unseen force that day, and it saved his life.

The group of dolphins started to go crazy in a frenzy. They slammed the shark with their beaks and circled him until he was out of sight. Then, a large wave came to Endris’ rescue as it literally carried him off to the shore.

Such a thing cannot be a coincidence. Indeed God’s work was present that day!

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Video: FisherOfMen