26 People Are Lucky To Be Alive Thanks To Good Samaritans

John Rodriguez, his wife, son, and a friend were out on a fishing trip when they spotted a fishing boat that had crashed onto some rocks near the coast of San Diego.

The sight of a 63-foot fishing boat named Invicta striking rock was a frightening sight to see.

The 26 people aboard the distressed Invicta put on their life jackets and reportedly deployed life rafts into the Mexican waters.

“I realized they were only a mile and half away, so I immediately got the radio and said I would respond to the distress call,” Rodriguez told ABC News.

It only took the good Samaritan’s boat 15 minutes to answer to the distress call.

“One guy gave us a hug and started crying. People were just so thankful we were there,” said Rodriguez’s son, Jake.

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Rodriguez and his family got all the passengers situated onto his boat. An hour later the Coast Guard met up with them to move them onto a bigger boat and to safety.

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