Something Seemed Off – This Grandma’s Quick Thinking Saved Her Grandson

Video Below

In the security video captured at a hospital in Suining city, Southwest China, The Daily Mail reports how one grandmother was able to save her grandson from abduction. The baby-snatcher, known as “Su”, is first seen walking down the hospital halls and entering the postnatal ward in a stolen nurse’s uniform.

Su walks quickly with the baby in his bassinet and almost makes it to the elevator when the newborn’s grandmother sees them and stops her for questioning.  The kidnapper’s nervous demeanor must have triggered the grandmother’s suspicions. In the elevator the grandmother stands guard over the infant and wheels him out of the elevator on the following floor down.

The kidnapper, who was seen on film, later confessed to police,under questioning, that she had stolen the nurse’s uniform from the locker room to try to abduct the baby.

It was a miracle the grandmother was able to save her grandson from abduction.

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Article: Daily Mail
Video: NBCTV