Officer Reads Bible With A Stranger Not Knowing He Was Going To Change His Life Forever

Officer changes a life with a bible

Image: Video Screenshot

Deputy Matt Holman of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office really earned his wings when he ran into Robert Morris. The two were near a church when they struck up a conversation. Holman learned that Robert had been addicted to drugs and alcohol and had seen the true ugliness in this world.

Touched by the homeless man’s story, Holman decided to give him one of his most prized possessions – his own Bible. It was old containing scribbles and highlighted pages, but it was this Bible that kept him going through hard times. Now, he wanted this homeless man to have it so that it could change his life as well.

Sometimes all someone needs is a little act of kindness, that by itself can be life-changing.

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Video: redcapebluetights