Gun Saftey

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So far this year, 43 children have set off their family members gun resulting in some bad and preventable consequences. Please take these steps to ensure your child’s and everyone one around them safety.
Certified firearms instructors, Mark Luell of Growing Up Guns and Shawn Pappas Suarez International Firearms Training have trained police, military, and civilians in proper gun use and safety.
Here is what they recommend for a family home that withholds firearms.

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1.Lock It Away
Luell says, “If you are not in direct control of the firearm, it needs to be locked away. On top of a shelf or under a sofa doesn’t count. Think your child doesn’t know it’s there and can’t reach it? Think again.” You can get a combination gun vault for just $25 or a simple lock for free from Project Child Save.

2. Always Store Ammunition And Firearms Separately
“A gun without ammunition is just an expensive club,” says Pappas. Nobody can get hurt if there is nothing to fire.

3. Teach Children What They Should Do If They Find A Gun
Pappas says, “Stop. Don’t touch. Get away. Tell a trustworthy adult.” An undisturbed gun will not fire on its own. “Don’t touch” is very important.

4. Don’t Leave Guns A Mystery
“Make the gun a part of your everyday life, and introduce your child to it early,” says Luell. “Tell them they can handle it (don’t use the word ‘play’) whenever they want, as long as you are there with them. Let them watch you clean it, dry fire, and so on. Removing the mystery early is key.” Let them know the distinction between toy and real guns. Emphasise that guns are NOT toys.

5. Educate Them
“Your children will learn from TV and media about guns unless you step in and educate them first. Don’t let them think it’s a game or that guns are to be taken lightly,” Luell said. “It’s easier to train a child than a gun,” says Pappas. “All that your children have, especially when they leave your home and supervision, is the knowledge and guidance you have given them.” It is your responsibility what happens with your guns.

According to She Knows:

“U.S. Marine and creator of the modern technique of handgun shootingJeff Cooper is credited the four fundamental rules of firearms safety: 1) Consider all guns to be loaded, 2) never point at something you don’t intend to shoot, 3) keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, and 4) don’t fire until you can see what you are hitting (and what may be behind it).”

Article: She Knows