Two Brave Olympians Attempt The “Vault Of Death”

Vault of death attempt

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Simone Biles has proven to be unstoppable at the Rio Olympics. In order to keep up with her flawless performances, a couple of competitors decided to pull off one of the most dangerous gymnast stunts to have ever been performed.

They call it the “vault of death,” or the Produnova.

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The Produnova was named after Russia’s Yelena Produnova, the first person to successfully complete it.

Here is Dipa Karmakar, the 3rd woman in history to perform such a thing:

Video: YouTube

On Sunday, two gymnasts attempted it with some success: India’s Dipa Karmakar, and Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitina.

Karmakar landed on her feet after the impressive move, but her bottom hit the mat shortly after. This gave her a small deduction in points, earning her a score of 15.066 and came in fourth place.

Chusovitina successfully completed the somersaults, but was unable to stick the landing and ended up doing another somersault on the mat. She ended up with a score of 14.833 and finished seventh.

Rock on ladies!

Video: NBC Olympics Via Twitter