Johnathen Cahn gave a dire warning to America in recent speech, and it’s going viral. Although many news segment tried to edit out the first 5 minutes of the speech, were Jonathan talks about the foundation of the United States, The Godfruits team was able to find the entire video.

It was Washington who decided he would swear his oath of office on the Bible (which every president has done since) as recognition of who holds ultimate authority. He also added the words, “So help me God” to the oath.

Jonathan noted that following Washington’s inauguration, the newly sworn-in president and the Congress went to nearby St. Paul’s Church in New York City and dedicated the nation to God.

He gave this speech at an event called “Washington: Man of Prayer,” which examined the early life of our nation’s first president.

Jonathan Cahn warned America of the potential consequences if the Supreme Court “should overrule the word of God.

“We have become a civilization in spiritual schizophrenia, a nation at war against its own foundation,” he said. “If this honorable court should overrule the word of God and strike down the eternal rules of order that Heaven itself hath ordained, how then will God save it? Supreme Court justices, can you judge the ways of God?”

He then added, “There is another court and there is another judge and before him, all men and all judges will give account.”

“In other words, if America should ever turn away from God and His ways, if it should ever disregard His eternal rules of order and right, then His blessings, the smiles of Heaven, would be removed from the land,” Cahn told the audience.

Cahn then talked of what happened during biblical times among the Israelites.

“They drove God out of their government, out of their public squares, out of their culture, out of the lives of their children; they worshiped idols and served other gods,” Cahn said. “They celebrated immorality and they persecuted the righteous. They lifted up their children on the altars of foreign gods. And the blessings of God were removed from the land and replaced by judgment.”

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