Her Longtime Wish Was To Sing The U.S. National Anthem At A Major League Baseball Game

Holocaust survivor's dream come true

Image: Huffington Post

89-year-old Holocaust survivor, Hermina Hirsch, had her lifelong dream fulfilled this past week at a Tiger’s baseball game. Her lifelong wish was to sing the U.S. national anthem at a Major League Baseball game.

Hermina Hirsch sang her heart out at the Comerica Park in Detroit before the Detroit Tigers played Tampa Bay.

She says she had no fear of singing in that large of a crowd:

“If I lived through the concentration camp, it couldn’t be that bad,”

In 1944, at age 17, her family was sent to live in a brick factory. Hermina was shuffled between five different concentration camps including Auschwitz with her oldest sister.

She survived, and is grateful to now be in a country where she would never have to go through any of that again.

“She was liberated from a concentration camp (she doesn’t remember the name) in either Germany or Poland on Jan. 21, 1945,” Andrea Hirsch wrote in an email. “She walked and hitched rides with strangers to get back to where she was born.”

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