This Homeless man had been down on his luck for some time, sleeping on park benches near the State College Of Pennsylvania. But one day he found a purse lying on one of the benches with almost $400 in cash inside and no one near to claim it. What’s more amazing is that this penniless, homeless man wasn’t about to take a single dime that day. He turned the purse in at the local homeless shelter where the staff tracked down the owner of the money. And as it turns out, it belonged to a single mom who has been fighting brain cancer. She was at the park earlier that day and had left her purse behind. Realizing several hours later that it was missing she was completely devastated that it was gone.

When the purse was returned to her She was so grateful, she said it contained her entire life. But this story doesn’t end there. When asked why he decided to turn the money in, his answer left people speechless. On a journey to turn his life around he put his faith in God and knew that even if he gave the money back God would provide for him. Such a strong example of faith, and because of the good deed he did the shelter moved the homeless man into a transitional apartment. Another prime example that God will take care of those who put their faith in him.