Honesty Pays

Billy Ray Harris was homeless, living on the streets in Kansas City Missouri. Today he has a job, a home, and has been reunited with his long-lost family- all because of his honesty in the face of a tough moral dilemma. One kind act has literally turned this man’s world completely around.

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Homeless Man Honesty Kindness Changes Life Makes 180,000

Image: KCTV

Harris used to beg for change on the street. Every day people would see him out there with his cup, hoping to get enough money for some food, and if he was lucky a place to stay for the night. Until one day a lady named Sarah Darling, walked by and spotted the man. She decided to give him some change to help but accidentally dropped her $4000 engagement ring into his donation cup.

Homeless Man Couple Pay Forward Kindness Honesty Changes Life 180,000

Image: obinnaonyenali

Caught in a moral dilemma, Harris decide that honesty really was the best policy, and handed the woman the ring. Sarah’s husband, Bill Krejci, was impressed by the gesture, “Mr. Harris could have so easily just kept and sold the valuable ring.” Both Sarah and Bill were eager to help the struggling man and decided that they could at least set up an online donation page for him.

Homeless Man Receives 180,000 Returning Engagement Ring Donations

Image: PayForward/ Bill Krejci

To the shock of everyone, in just under 3 months, the page raised a whopping $180,000, from an unheard-of 7000 donors. On the page, Harris is described as being, “a great man that could use a little help.” People really cared and gave what they could, and in turn, changed a man’s life.

Harris now has a car, a home, and most incredible of all is that he was reunited with his estranged family after being apart for over 16 years all thanks to and exchange of honesty and kindness between two people.

Article: Obinna Onyenali