Repaying Kindness

Thomas Smith had been down on his luck. Finding himself homeless once again, he spent his time roaming the streets of Houston Texas searching for a place to lay his head. That was until he ran into a longtime friend of his, that offered to take him in and gave him a place to stay. Thomas was exceedingly grateful for the kindness his friend had showed him. He thoughtfully considered ways that he could pay her back but worried he might never be able to.

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Homeless Man Saves Family From Fire Destroys House After Kind Act


One morning as his friend, a 66-year old woman, along with her 8 and 10-year old Granddaughters slept; Thomas was awakened to the sound of a large boom. According to KHOU, “Initially, he thought the house was being robbed, but when he came out of his bedroom, he realized that the home was on fire and quickly filling with smoke.”

The home was now ablaze, and he knew they had little time to all get out of the house safely. He rushed to his friends room, but only to realize that the ceiling above her bed had started to cave in, allowing for debris to trap the woman in her bed. The situation had dramatically taken a desperate and dangerous turn.

First he yelled for her to get up, but after realizing the gravity of the situation, he grabbed her by the arm and started pulling. Eventually able to free his friend, his thoughts turned toward the young Granddaughters. According to reports “The children were still asleep as fire raced through an attic above them. After rousing the children to get up, Thomas led the family through the smoke until they had made their way to safety outside.”

Homeless Man Saves Family From Fire Destroys House After Kind Act

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Soo much smoke had filled the house by this point they were all lucky to be alive. Thomas told KPRC News he was surprised “he got them out of the house so fast.” Many people in the neighborhood immediately began calling Thomas a Hero after the incident, but for him, he was simply doing what he could for a friend. He was glad that he could repay the kindness, that his friend so generously showed him when he needed help himself.

He told KHOU, “I wouldn’t say I’m a hero, I just thank God for helping us all,” we were able to avoid a situation that could have turned tragic. “Extensive damage was done to the home, but luckily no injuries were reported.” Undoubtedly, that is due to the quick thinking and fearlessness of a man laying down his life for his friends.

                  There is no Greater love than this: that someone lay down his life for his friends.                         -John 15:13

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