A man’s love for words, catapults him from poverty to happiness!

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, wrote:
Is the heaviest weight
A man can carry
It is the bain of the idealist

Writing poetry was his passion and he hoped to someday, publish his words. Living on “The Island”, in Brazil—a median strip, between a busy 6 lane street, was where he called home. It was makeshift, comprised of plastic bags and a few personal belongings.

No doubt that many people drove or walked by him, not recognizing his gift of words. In fact, most of us don’t know the stories of those that are destitute. We may buy them a meal; hand them some money; and even converse with them for a few minutes, but truly, we never know there circumstance. Their gifts. Their potential.

I used to do volunteer work with the homeless, and they all had their unique story, as to why they ended up on the street. Truly, they were all beautiful souls, that just needed a helping hand; a loving heart; a word of advice; a friend who’d listen . . .

When Shalla Monteiro first saw Raimundo, he handed her one of his poems, and the rest of the story is simply beautiful. His perspective about life changed:

“‘Damned is the man that abandons himself’ . . . These six words show that the worse the situation is never, ever should a man consider it lost.”

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Article: WIMP