Homeless Teen Finds Biological Sister And A Miracle

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After being put up for adoption as a toddler, Seth Miller, spent the rest of his childhood and teenaged years in the foster care system. He drifted between foster homes and families, unhappy, and never really finding anything that felt like home. At 18-years-old, Seth aged-out of the foster care system, and like many of kids his age that do, he became homeless shortly after.

With no family to call his own, Seth was left to fend for himself. He lived alone in his car on the street with only his few belongings. In an interview, he explained he only ever wished for one thing, “to have more family. Even If I had to live in a box…family.”

After telling his story to a local news station, Seth got a chance meeting with one of his biological sisters and her adopted family. Needless to say, it was an emotional moment for them both, as the two embraced each other tightly. Shortly after that meeting, the family invited Seth to have his first Thanksgiving dinner with them.


Image: USA Today

“It felt like home,” Seth said in his interview. The family took him in, and almost one year since the chance meeting the entire family along with Seth found themselves in a courtroom. In court, they asked the judge if they could officially adopt Seth as their own and become his “forever family.”

At 19-years-old, the young boy who was robbed of a happy childhood, as well as a loving family- has finally received everything he’s ever wanted. “I am now a kid that can say he has all of that now, and I’m going to make sure I take very good care of it,” he said.

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Article/ Video: USA TODAY